Kahwi Leonard Just Had the Most Kahwi Leonard Goodbye

The Man of Silence has spoken. 

Kahwi Leonard released a statement this morning, saying goodbye to the Spurs organization. 

Check it out.  


What in the world is this? 

This is the strangest goodbye, for a couple of reasons.  

  • This font. Kahwi Leonard wrote a goodbye letter in purple Times New Roman.  
  • Kahwi says he spent weeks trying to figure out what to say, and it all comes down to the most simple, basic thing in the world: “thank you.” 

I also didn’t know that huge hand logo was Kahwi’s official insignia. I didn’t know he had one. 

This is all surprising, and extremely fitting. Kahwi has been silent for the better part of this year, speaking only through his uncle, and when he does speak, it only makes sense that it’s the most bland and somewhat puzzling statement possible.  


Reid BelewComment